Tuesday, July 9, 2013

US vs. Belize Gold Cup

Tonight Emily I watched the US vs. Belize and Cuba vs. Costa Rica Gold Cup games at Jeld_Wen field after work.  Beer was expensive as usual but the games were great.  Unfortunately, due to cell phone chaos Emily missed the first game but watching the US crush Belize made up for it in the 2nd game.  Click the title to read on....

Tonight Emily and I joined Erica, Craig, Andrea, Robert, and Eric for a double match of mens soccer at Jeld-Wen field.  The first matchup was Cuba vs. Costa Rica in which Costa Rica destroyed Cuba with a 4-0 shutout if I remember right.  We had gotten some beers and pizza before the game and Emily was on her way but had to stop home for Leo before fighting traffic into the city and vying for a rare parking spot near the stadium.  

She had called and told me she was near the city and looking for parking but then I hadn’t heard from her in about 30 minutes.  I figured she had maybe parked downtown near WSI then walked the 8-10 blocks up to the field.   I typed in a text to see where she was, hit send, and stuck it in my pocket with the volume up.  10 minutes later, even more confused I grabbed my phone to see what was up and noticed the text had not gone through... shit!  I tried to call... no go, again... no go.  

Time to reboot.  As my phone was rebooting I was praying that I wouldn’t see multiple texts and missed calls but my prayers were not answered... yeah, she had been waiting outside the stadium for me to bring her the ticket for 40 minutes, but AT&T’s network was shit and nothing had gotten to my phone...  Uh oh... this isn't going to be pretty I thought...

 Emily was pissed, really pissed.  After I explained to her, with Eric backing me up, that I hadn’t received anything she calmed down a bit was still pissed she had missed the entire first match.  I quickly got her a tall beer and we joined the others.  After a short while she was back to normal mood thankfully and we enjoyed the rest of the 2nd game and catching up with Andrea and Robert sitting above us.  The men ended up crushing Belize, but I forget what the final score was.  I got some great action shots as usual and ended up driving home for Emily. 

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