Saturday, August 17, 2013

Anna Li's Going Away Party

Had a great time tonight at Anna Li's going away party.  She's taking a leave of absence from work to go on a long journey to New Zealand and Indonesia.  We wish her the best and look forward to watching for her Facebook posts about her travels.

Our friend Anna Li recently lost her beloved dog Hugo to medical complications and old age.  It was really tough on her and we all felt super bad about it which is why when we heard she was planning a long trip and leave of absence from work we all cheered her on.  Her plan is to spend a month in New Zealand and then 2+ months in Indonesia with extended family.  It is definitely sad that she lost her best friend but this is going to be a life changing trip for her as well and we wish her the best.  

On Saturday Eric and his roommate Caitlyn through a going away bbq for Anna Li.  Lots of people from work showed up including Nate, Chester, Anderson, Ryan, Tom, Adea, Erin, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Lynch, Arley, Katie, and Kate who I climbed St. Helens with.  We had corn hole set up and tons of food.  Eric’s backyard is perfect for a party and his new grill kicks ass.  As usual people climbed his cherry tree but thankfully no one fell off.  I was close having to step over Arley on the tree branch to make it out the end but thankfully I didn’t fall.

His neighbors were also having a big party in their backyard.  They had set up a huge screen and were planning on watching Ghostbusters.  Soon at the party there were people up in Eric’s tree and hanging off the fence trying to watch the movie as well!  After Eric passed out someone started a game of Cards Against Humanity which was like an inappropriate adult version of Apple to Apples and a lot of fun to play.  Arley seemed to win every round though... must have had great cards... or she knows all of us a little too well...  It was a great party and I’m sure we’ll all keep up with Anna’s foreign exploits via Facebook when she’s gone.  In the morning we grabbed breakfast at Beaterville with Eric before heading back home where I spent the rest of the afternoon washing and cleaning my truck which badly needed it!

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