Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trouble with Tribbles

Had a great afternoon today with Leo watching "Trouble with Tribbles" part of the Trek in the Park series of plays in Portland, with Eric, Tom and Andrea.  We also had a surprise appearance from Brian Kidd on his unicycle playing bagpipes with a star trek shirt on.  Read on....

With Emily gone this weekend to the East Coast for Lynette’s wedding it was just me and Leo at the house.  I spent Saturday catching up on some stuff and cleaning up around the house but in the afternoon felt the urge to get out and do something.  I met up with Tom, Andrea, and Eric to watch “Trouble with Tribbles”, a play at Cathedral Park in North Portland under the St. Johns bridge.  

I picked Eric up around 3:30 and when we got to the park at 3:45 or so it was already packed with people for the 5pm play.  As we were waiting for the play to start and I was chatting with Andrea, whom I hadn’t really met yet, we suddenly heard bagpipes and new instantly it was our buddy Brian Kidd on his unicycle.  This time he was wearing a Star Trek shirt instead of his usual Darth Vader mask.  We spoke with him briefly then let him get on his way to entertain the growing crowd.

Even though we were really far back we could hear the play pretty well and with my long lens I was able to capture some funny moments from the play.  It was based off the famous Star Trek episode where the ship becomes overrun with cute furry creatures called “Tribbles” and is part of a summer series of plays called “Trek in the Parks”.  It was short at about an hour long but everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  Leo was with us and behaved wonderfully with Banjo nearby as well.  A lady next to us had a tiny little furry dog that even looked like a tribble on stage and he didn’t bother it.  After the play I dropped Eric off at home as I wanted a good rest before a big mountain bike ride the next day.

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