Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Quantum Halloween

This year the office didn’t see as many costumes as last year, mostly because everyone is under a huge crunch to get data out the door.  I passed on a costume but there were some stand out ones such as Erin as a martial artist, Nate as Cosmo Kramer, Borish as “between two ferns (Zack Galfinackas show) and Vu as an Angry Bird.  Pete Burns took the best costume award as Ron Burgandy in the field posing inside a helicopter that looked exactly like a news chopper. 

But, by far, the best costume in the Portland office was Arley who came dressed as Eric McNeil, complete with sandals, a yellow bike bag, and a grumpy attitude.  She looked so much like Eric that throughout the entire day, never deviating from character, she confused co-workers over and over again as they called out “hey Eric” only to find Arley looking back at them.  Eric had no idea it was coming which made it even funnier.  Well done Arley, well done.  

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