Sunday, October 27, 2013

Danielle's Birthday and Beaver Tailgate

Emily and I traveled down to Corvallis this weekend for Danielle’s birthday party at Jason and Jen’s on Friday night.  It was a sushi party and we were surprised to see nearly the entire Corvallis office there.  On our way Em and I stopped at Market of Choice and picked up some rice and tuna for the sushi party (at a ridiculous price).  BD was in sushi rolling mode and made roll after roll that we all happily enjoyed.  There was so much fish around that not all of it was eaten although I put in a good effort.  It was great to catch up with everyone that we don’t get to see that often at the party.  Later as people left and Jason and I settled into the bourbon only the 6 of us remained with Lee and Danielle falling asleep on the couch.

On Saturday we woke up late and went for a nice walk with all the dogs up the power line trail towards Chip Ross Park.  Danielle had learned all the back ways through the rich neighborhoods in the hills to get to the trails on her weekly runs.  We saw a couple huge houses, one with a disc golf course in the backyard!  We stopped at Market of Choice again to pick up some food and liquor for the Beavers tailgate that night.  Danielle and Emily had the idea to make irish coffee in a big jug to bring to the tailgate.  We should have brought double as it barely lasted the whole time.   Those who we didn’t see at the birthday party we got to see at the tailgate including Shiloh whom we hadn’t seen in ages.  None of us had tickets so we ended up heading back to Scott and Danielle’s to watch the game there.  Jason and Jen and Pete showed up after half time to watch the Beavers dominate the game for the win.  We were all stuffed from the amazing tailgate Doug had put on as usual and after all the booze and our afternoon dog walk we were pretty tired.  There was of course time to mess with Scott, who as usual had passed out sleeping in front of me on the couch.. :)

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