Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oregon Zoo

Today Emily and I visited the Oregon Zoo.  It was her 2nd time there as she had a business meeting at the zoo in the Spring but it was my first time and I must say I was very impressed by the zoo.  It had tons of signs all along the trail describing native Northwest species and what to look for in the trees and environment around the zoo as well.  

The animal pens all seemed cleaned and pretty sizeable and they are currently constructing one of the largest Elephant enclosures in the world having been one of the most successful elephant breeding zoos in the world.  We even got to see the new calf Lily with her mom.  I got caught up watching one of the elephants stuffing its face with grass for a while and I feel like it was watching me while it ate!

Some of the animals that impressed me the most were the massive Sea Lions and the black bears which both had very large enclosures and seemed to be very happy and active.  We got to the zoo at noon and in the 4 hours we were there had time to see all the animal exhibits that were open at a relaxing pace although I think if I went back with Ellie I would want to take the full day.  There is also a Childrens Science Museum next to the zoo that we would want to explore as well.  

I love going to the zoo and perhaps Emily and I will get a membership to the zoo when we move into Portland this spring.  It is very relaxing watching the animals and I love it when the seem to look back at me in curiosity as well.  Most of the animals also seemed up and active in their enclosures, almost to the point of putting on a show for the people watching them.

I also hope that the majority of people take the time to really read and absorb the information about the endangered species and upon leaving the zoo make a conscious effort to be better about recycling, purchase green sustainable products and curb their energy use or the animals we see in the zoo may soon be the last ones left on this planet we are quickly destroying by our ignorance and apethy.  :)

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