Friday, December 6, 2013

Snowy Days & A Quantum Christmas Party

This past week has been frigid in the Northwest and on Friday we received about 3 inches of snow in Ridgefield.  This of course caused a complete mess with traffic.  So much so, that our bus driver on Friday announced it would take nearly 3 hours to go the 18 miles to downtown Portland.  Thankfully, he pulled off at Delta Park and I was able to jump on the Max but I still arrived at work at 10am.  Corvallis got 8-10 inches of snow and later I saw that people were towing skiers down roads and backcountry skiing Chip Ross Park!  Leo certainly loved all the snow though!  

Friday night was also our Holiday Party for work.  WSI has been merged into Quantum Spatial and the two offices decided to have separate parties this year.  I haven’t even heard that CVO has a party planned yet, and that it might be in January if they have one.  Our party was at Bar XV downtown and of course there was food (yummy meatballs) and an open bar.  Eric and I hadn’t planned on getting too drunk but of course we did.  Emily got a ride with Caitlin and her friends to the party and left Leo and the Prius at Eric’s.  I tried to stay out of sight most of the night just hanging out with Arley, Ryan, Eric, Katie, and Emily but I did get to have some fun conversations with the new tech Conrad as well as Ingrid.  I had a bit of fun late in the night slipping edamame into the pockets of my unsuspecting friends but the night was ultimately cut short when I looked over at Eric who was clearly ready to go home.  It took us a little time to get a hold of a cab but ended getting to Eric’s just before midnight.  I later got a good laugh from all the disposable camera photos that were taken throughout the night.  Great party and a great release of stress for most of the office.

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