Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Honeymoon - Day 22- Walk to Maunel Antonio and enjoying our resort

Today was a relaxing day for Emily who was feeling a bit tired after all our adventures.  She remained at the beach resort while I took a short walk into Manuel Antonio to check out the town because I was feeling restless at the beach.  On my walk I spotted the cutest sloth sleeping on coconuts in the trees and also spotted numerous other animals.  When I returned, sweaty, to the resort I joined my wife on the beach for another amazing sunset and some delicious cold run & cokes on the beach.  Click the title to read on...

Today I had originally planned to get up early for a tour of Manuel Antonio with a guide named Johan but while in Monteverde Emily was starting to feel a little under the weather and I was writing him an email to let him know she would not be joining us.  Oddly he must have been writing me at the same exact time because I got an email from him before I could send mine letting us know that his grandmother had passed and the funeral was thursday morning, the day of our tour.  I had let him know that I would email if I was still interested in a tour on Saturday but after we got to the resort and saw all the wildlife there with the beautiful beach I decided to cancel our tour all together.  He was very understanding and we wished his family well during the difficult time.

Without the early morning tour it was a pleasure to sleep in to 10am which we really hadn't been able to do since a long morning in a tent in Patagonia 2 weeks ago.  It felt good to get a long nights rest.  After we snacked on some breakfast foods Emily headed down to the beach while I packed up some lenses and decided to walk from the resort into town.  On the way through the resort I saw a ton of iguanas and other lizards and then on the way into town I spotted a very cute sloth in a coconut tree sleeping on his back with his head on the coconuts.  I pointed it out to several others walking along the road who were grateful to see it as well.  

The town of Manuel Antonio was definitely the typical tourist beach town with gift shops everywhere and people selling little gifts in the street.  There was also a large beach where everyone was enjoying the warm water and fresh cut coconut milk from the locals.  There was parasailing for the tourists and the restaurants looked busy, and smelled delicious.  It was hot as hell so I didn't stay long and hopped on the local bus back up the steep hillside to our resort.  

I walked down to the pool just below our bungalow and found Emily there reading her kindle.  I was startled by 2 very large iguanas hanging out by the pool as well.  It was crazy how much wildlife was at our resort!  We both relaxed there for a while before heading back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner again.  This time we headed out to Mar Luna at the suggestion of Michael again for seafood.  I got the seafood dish of tuna, the local catch of the day and jumbo shrimp while Emily got the seared tuna, both delicious and just the right amount to fill us up!  We again had a relaxing night in the room amusing ourself with the Spanish-dubbed American TV shows....

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