Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Honeymoon - Day 23 - Enjoying our resort and a couples massage

Today was simply a day to relax for both of us.  Neither of us left the resort although I did spend some time walking up and down the steep hill of the resort looking for wildlife.  We enjoyed an hour long couples massage and had a wonderful dinner after yet another great sunset.  One of the highlights of the trip for me was when my patience paid off and I was able to capture some photos and video of a sloth actually moving about and eating in a tree directly directly above our heads at one of the resort pools. Click the title to read on....

Today was a blissful day of just relaxing around the resort.  I'm a bit restless so I did a bit of walking around the resort to check out the various flora and fauna of the area.  Once again I saw a ton of lizards, a little mammal crunching nuts, some toucans and a whole lot of monkeys again near the beach.  We both spent the morning relaxing by the pool with our favorite sloth that I had spotted overhead in a tree until our couples massage at 12:30pm at the adult pool.  

Neither of us have had a full body, 60-minute, coconut oil massage before and were both equally amazed by how wonderful and relaxing it was.  Relaxing music was played for us and they even sprayed some sort of scent over us that was supposed to be relaxing.  The women who gave Emily hers said she had "a perfect body" with no knots or anything weird.  I asked mine, who spoke little English, who responded... "ha.. you were a mess.. apple sized knots..."   Yeah, that makes sense.

After the massage we headed down to the beach for the remainder of the afternoon to enjoy the sun and waves.  We had a great time out in the water with a group of large pelicans plunging into the waves around us for fish and frigate birds flying overhead.  And as usual, we enjoyed a whole lot of cold cans of ron and coke that Luis kept cold in the fridge for us.   A huge sailboat had also pulled into the bay the beach was in and we watched it lower a small motor boat to and from the boat, ferrying passengers to Manuel Antonio or Quepos.  

We spent a lot of time in the water at the beach because it felt so wonderful.  We watched pelicans flying low over our heads and diving for fish nearby.  Both of us got lightly stung by jellies on the arm but it was well worth the wonderful water and fun waves.  On the beach while Emily relaxed I walked around taking photos of crabs and monkeys in the trees lining the shore and even spotted a huge Jesus Christ Lizard.  And once again... we enjoyed our last sunset in Manuel Antonio together.

Friday night we headed to Agua Azul where Emily ordered a massive chicken burrito and I got the house seafood pasta which was wonderful and more than I could eat.  Again, it was an open air restaurant and the cooler temps of the night felt wonderful.  After dinner we just headed back to the room for a good nights rest.

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