Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Honeymoon - Day 25 - Flight Home

With great sadness this was our last morning in Costa Rica before our flight home to Portland through Dalles.  Both of us were pretty bummed leaving such an amazing place in the world.  We had our adventure and put our bodies to the test in Patagonia and in Costa Rica we had seen more wildlife in a week than we'd seen in the last 10 years.  Thankfully our travel was very smooth back to the states and we arrived with all of our luggage and all of our memories.  This was truly a trip we will never forget and the best honeymoon either of us could have imagined.  I love my wife so much!  Click the title to read on and see a few more pics of our amazing resort in Manuel Antonio.  

Today we were up at 6:15am again for our taxi to the airport for our 9:30am flight to Dallas.  We were up early enough to grab some breakfast and fresh Costa Rican fruit at the hotel before we headed to the airport.  At the airport we had to pay the $23 cash Costa Rican exit fee each (nothing compared to Chile and Argentina's $160/person) and checked out bags.  We had a long 4 hour layover in Dallas where we phoned our parents and I got a Cousins BBQ pork sandwich.  We finished the Matrix series on our last flight to Portland and Anna Li picked us up with Leo in the car at 9:30 when our plane got in.  It was wonderful seeing Leo again and we could tell Anna Li had really enjoyed watching him!

Well, that's it.  This was by far the most amazing adventure of our lives and the best honeymoon we could have ever asked for.  Despite some challenges on the trip in communication with locals, some tough days on the trail and some rainy weather at times the two of us never fought and worked as team to overcome all the challenges of travel in three 3rd world countries.  Our marriage is stronger than ever after the trip and I look forward now to planning on our next foreign adventure in a year or so after we get my mom moved out to the Northwest and buy house... (if we have any money left).

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