Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mount Hood Meadows

Today Emily and ventured to Mt. Hood Meadows for the first time in about 7 years!  The last time either of us had been there was when she came to visit me before moving out here.  For all the years of bashing Meadows for the number of people there, we actually had a great day of skiing and despite it being the first Saturday in months with fresh snow and ton of people the lift lines moved fast and we got a lot of runs in.  

Unfortunately, most of the really good terrain was still closed due to lack of cover and we found ourselves skiing the same trails over and over again, not having knowledge of where the sweet spots where like we do at SkiBowl.  We also learned our lesson that you can’t wax your skis the night before and expect to scrape the wax off the next day in the cold weather at the resort.. it was awful… had to re-wax them again….

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