Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter Emily and I traveled down to Corvallis to have dinner and drinks with friends at Tim and Lindsay’s new home in South Corvallis.  They have a great place with a big backyard and plenty of garage space for all their gear.  They were graciously continuing on the tradition that Kev and Alexa had started years ago and the majority of us all came dressed in our Sunday best.  Unfortunately, due to work obligations we were missing Scooter and Jason and Danielle was in California on vacation.  

The food was amazing and we all had a great time catching up over drinks.  It was really great to see BD & Carrie, a rare appearance by Doug an Pete, and others whom we hadn’t seen in almost half a year.  After dinner we continued our night over at the Maple Lounge (BD & Carrie’s decked-out garage) with Jenn who was super tired from being up crazy early planting trees in Eugene for her new full time job.  She was a trooper and we ended up heading back to their place around 1am I think.  

In the morning I awoke to both girls laughing at me.  Apparently, as I usually do at Jason’s, I got up for the bathroom and ended up heading into the wrong bedroom and climbing into bed with the wrong woman!  ha!  As Jen tells it, “Jon climbed into bed and I said, “Ellinger??”, and he said, “Krebs??” and then started chuckling to himself”….. That’s when I climbed slowly out of bed and wandered back to the right room and correct wife all while Jenn was giggling behind me.  In the morning I woke up and had no recollection of the event at all!  When Jason got home a few hours later after we had taken the dogs for a nice walk in the park he got a kick out of the story as well… :)  It was a great weekend with friends for sure with a story I’m sure will be remembered….

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