Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our New Home!

Our first home!  This past April, after about two months of looking, our wonderful realtors Karim and Jessica showed us a wonderful looking home in the Piedmont neighborhood of Portland.  We checked it out for about 20 minutes on a Friday after work with Karim.   We asked Karim if we should put an offer in... we were hesitant and worried about the chances of a better place coming up. He looked at us and simply said, "you two need to buy this house".  Well.. that was that and we put an offer in that night along with a nice letter about how amazing it would be to start a family there.   Read on for more photos.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Painting Jerry the Shed

This weekend Anna Li asked a bunch of friends to come over and help paint her shed which she affectionately named "Jerry".  She and a few friends sketched out an amazing scene and outlined it with markers.  All we had to do was fill in between the lines with paint.  It actually took a bit longer than we thought but by the time it began to get dark and Anna and other left for the Portland naked bike ride we had pretty much finished.  

This year there were 10,000 people who got on their bikes buck naked for the ride.... definitely not for me but super cool that that sort of thing happens in our wonderful city.  On Sunday they wrapped up the mural and the shed turned out amazing.  Very creative Anna Li!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Glacier Peak Summit Ski Descent - Most Remote Volcano in US

I had been planning a ski descent of Glacier Peak for 2 years and this past weekend I was finally able to accomplish that goal in an undertaking that proved to be the biggest mountain ascent of my life thus far.  I had met Brayden a few months before on our ski descent of Mt. Hood and he luckily had the flexibility in his schedule between job and school to join me on the adventure.  With 50-60lb packs we traveled 32 miles over 4 mountain passes, 4 glaciers, and ascended over 10,000 feet all so I could ski from the summit of my last US volcano in perfect weather.  Click the title to read more about our adventure to the most remote Cascade Volcano in the United States… Make sure to scroll to the bottom for the video as well.