Sunday, July 27, 2014

Northeast Parkways and Adia's Birthday

Emily and I had missed the North Portland Sunday Parkways earlier this summer as we were busy moving into our new house but this time we had the weekend free for our own neighborhood's Northeast Sunday Parkways.  Basically, it is when the neighborhood shuts down certain streets to create a bike corridor for bikers to move from one city park to another.  Along the way there are people giving out snacks and playing music and at each park there are booths setup from local vendors with free games and bike obstacle courses.  We really appreciate a town like Portland that really goes out of it's way to support the local biking community and we think it will be something my mom will really enjoy when she moves out here (more on that to come this fall).  Read on....

We met up with Eric, Adia and one of her friends at Alberta Park first.  There was an obstacle course set up and I was tempted to give it a try but my laziness won over and I passed on it.  We visited briefly with Sandra and her son Timothy before continuing on.  I couldn't tell you where we went as I didn't keep track on my gps but we visited about 5 parks in total and had a great time biking with literally thousands of other people down closed streets on a beautiful summer day.  We even passed a "Friends of Trees" booth where we took a photo of Emily next to a tree prop to send to Jennifer Killian who works for them in Eugene.  

When we made it back to Woodlawn Park near Anna's place we were pretty hungry and Adia spotted the perfect solution, a homemade ice cream sandwich cart!!! It was like eating a cold cookie from heaven at that point!  From there we decided to take a quick detour back to our place to say hello to Leo and drink a few beers on our back porch.  Our house had come a long way by then since Eric had been over to paint it so we were happy to show it off, especially my garage gear organization :)

Eric and the girls then headed back to his place to set up Adia's birthday bbq while I finished up a few things in the garage and got a shelf ready to bring over to Erics to saw in half there.  Yes, I need to buy new tools!  Notice how I didn't have a post about my birthday this year... well that's because I got stuck at work and didn't really have one!  We were supposed to have a sushi party at our place but nobody could go, including me because we got stuck at work handling bad data that came in.  So, needless to say, I was a little jealous when a ton of people showed up for Adia's party.  Oh well, maybe next year.  

We had a great time at the bbq and Eric even bought his new girlfriend a cute chocolate cake.... but not as cute as the amazing Cucumbersquashwatermelon monster that Anderson whipped up for her from the kitchen!  We didn't go hiking, and we didn't even leave town but we had a really great Saturday with friends.  Perhaps I'm getting older but I thought it was a day well spent even though we didn't have an exhausting adventure somewhere.  Again, we are both super happy to be in Portland finally and close to all of our new Portland friends.  

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