Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gunsight Ridge to Dog River Trail

This weekend Eric Porter joined Emily and I for great day of biking down Gunsight Ridge on the flanks of Mt. Hood.  Gunsight ridge is pretty much the northern section of the same ridge that Surveyor's Ridge is on that we had done earlier in the summer but it is a bit more technical in places.  We decided to take both the truck and Prius again to do a shuttle so we could ride down the fabulous Dog River Trail at the end. 

We started from a parking lot directly across the street from Mt. Hood Meadows Ski resort so we were pretty much as far up the ridge as you can go.  Almost immediately we had great views of Mt. Hood from breaks in the trail.  The trail was much more technical then the lower Surveyor's Ridge portion.  Many times all three of us had to get off our bikes and huff them up hills.  I had my GoPro on and got some really good footage of the ride.  We stopped at one location high up on pile of rocks which gave us an up close view of Mt. Hood directly in front of us.  

Much like Surveyor's Ridge there were a lot of ups and downs along the ridge but combined with the added technical difficulty I quickly found myself pretty exhausted.  I hadn't been drinking much water at work, choosing caffeine and soda to get me through long work days so I was pretty dehydrated for the ride which played a part I think.  By the time we got to Dog River Trail I was pretty much done with my legs near charlie horse time... Thankfully Dog River Trail is a smooth downhill so I pretty much just coasted the whole thing.  By that point the GoPro was out of batteries anyway so it wasn't filming my weak ass descent.  On the way home we stopped in Hood River at the Pfriem Brewery for some beers and food after a tiring yet successful 25 mile, 5 hour ride over difficult terrain!

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