Saturday, October 4, 2014

Base Camp Brewing Octoberfest

Today, Arley, Katie and Ryan invited Emily and I out to the Base Camp Brewing Octoberfest.  We had expected Nicole and Jesse James to come up for an afternoon hike and stay over with us but although she said she’d be here by noon we hadn’t heard a word from her.  We waited until 2pm and then decided to just go to the Briefest and meet up with her later if they actually came up.  Read on...

Well it turns out her new Horse Commander found himself neck deep in mud and it took the fire department and half the town of Shedd to get him out it seems.  She had left her phone at a party so couldn’t call to tell us.  When we found out we were just happy that the horse was going to make it and we told her we’d plan another time.

The brewfest was really fun.  There was human foosball, corn hole, nails (Hammerschlagen) and some huge glass steins for us to load up our beers into.  Yes, we spent a fair bit of money on beer but it was a hell of good time for a Saturday.  Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t eaten very much all day so by the time it got dark I was pretty smashed.  

Thankfully, Ryan had the smarts to direct us by bike to Georges’s for some late night fried chicken on our ride home.  Then I was smart enough to eat a huge chunk of watermelon before bed so I would feel better the next day.. Good times!

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