Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I’ve been so burnt out at work with a big project that I wasn’t too stoked to worry about dressing up for Halloween.  Thankfully, my terrific wife helped me out by picking out a costume for me, well, mostly just a wig as I used my own beard to make a mustache.  I didn’t dress up for work this year but when we got home I did get dressed up Scott’s Party in Corvallis that we drove down for.  Emily fashioned herself into a terrific scarecrow while I did my best Ron Swanson Impression.  Read on...

We got to Corvallis around 9pm and found Pete, Mischa and BD already at the party.  Soon after about 20+ other people showed up including Fausti, Miwa, Jason, Jenn, Shiloh, Colin, and some others we didn’t know so well.  It was a great party the decorations that Scott and Danielle put up were absolutely amazing.  People brought over a pumpkin filled with some sort of cocktail that I hit up pretty hard throughout the night.  I don’t even recall much of the conversations I had… yeah, it had been a stressful week.  Buy 2:30am everyone had left and it was just Scott passed out on the couch so of course I set up the motion-sensing scary pumpkin person right above him for when he would wake up… hehe

On Sunday Em and I went over to visit Holm and Paris and check on how their house remodeling was coming.  They definitely had come a long ways since last time we saw them.  We chatted for a while and went to BrewBQ for some dinner before we went to Doug’s tailgate with Scott at 6:30pm.  On the way to the tailgate we stopped to pick up some bourbon as I didn’t think I could fit any beer into my full stomach.  This may have been a mistake because it then led to us playing beer pong and flip cup with bourbon instead of beer… whoops.

As we were leaving the tailgate I remembered I left my rain jacket there but was too lazy to run back saying we’d just get it from Doug the next day.  BIG MISTAKE.  The car keys were in  the jacket and it wold never be found…. Instead I kept walking back to Danielle’s then went over to BD’s Maple Bar for the rest of the night.  We watched the Beavers lose spectacularly and I apparently spilled a bunch of gingerly and knocked a dogs water dish over… whoops… I think Leo was better behaved than I was all night… We got to meet their new puppy Scout and Carrie had done well collecting Chanterelles throughout the day so she made a great soup for us all and even sent a bag of them home with Emily and I!  

Waking up Sunday to lost keys and a rough hangover was not fun.  The bright side was that I noticed an email from Amy Jo and Loomis asking to say over with us Sunday night for his job interview on Monday.  This worked out perfectly as we needed a ride to Portland to get the spare Prius Keys.  I would then get a ride back with them Monday to pick up the Prius rather than spending $400 at the dealership for an emergency set to be created for us in Corvallis.  Phew… Unfortunately, this meant riding in the backseat of their car with two smelly dogs and a hangover… yeah, it was a rough trip back to Portland.  But, good news is that Loomis got the job and we got our Prius back on Monday!  Successful weekend after all!

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