Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sushi and Godzilla

Tonight Emily and I had our 2nd movie night in Portland.  Our first movie night was a week ago where we ordered pizza and watched Old School which Arley hadn't seen before.  This week we  invited Conrad, Ryan, Arley, Katie, and Anna over to roll some Sushi and watch the new Godzilla movie.  Ryan of course brought his amazing cooking skills and helped teach the half of us who had never done it before how to do it.  Emily and I had done it with Jason and Jen before but I think Ryan knew how to cook the rice better this time.  We made a bunch of rolls and ended up having too much to eat.  

Godzilla was of course amazing despite Ryan falling into a food coma during the 2nd half of it.  Not sure how many movie nights we will have as we all have busy lives but this one was certainly a success.  Plus, its just so damn fun making sushi!

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