Friday, December 12, 2014


This year was a big year for me at my job.  2014 was pretty much dedicated to boosting my career and position at Quantum Spatial.  From the start of the year I took on massive projects, the size of which our group hadn't seen before.  I worked long hours over the spring after our honeymoon, often staying till 8pm and during a few crunch weeks as late as 11pm for multiple nights.  I remoted in almost daily to keep processes running and often worked from home over the weekends.  By working in this manner I was able to save the company nearly $500,000 in budget savings.   Read on...

At the same time I was also applying for 3 major certifications in my field.  Before we left on our honeymoon I applied for my GIS Professional Certification (GISP) which requires 6 years of experience in the field which I then had.  It took a while to fill out the application and I was glad I was accepted in January as they are building a certification test for it and I'll be grandfathered in and won't have to take it.

The other two certifications I spent the majority of the year
studying for was my Certified Mapping Scientist in Remote Sensing (CMS/RS) and my Certified Photogrammetrist (CP), both by the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).  To get these professional certs I needed 6+ years of work experience and many other qualifications as well as to pass tests.  Thankfully, I was able to combine both ASPRS certs into one test that was designed specifically for me.  A test that was 150 questions and 5 hours long!  

I took the test on Dec 12th, just hours before flying home for Christmas and I honestly wasn't sure that I had passed!  Thankfully I did, becoming one of only two people at WSI (our company within Quantum) to be a CP and the only one to be a CMS/RS.  Also, everyone I've ever heard of with these certifications are much older than me so they will look really good on my resume.  So, yeah, it was a big year for my career, at the expense of my health and happiness... which I plan to remedy in 2015!

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