Saturday, May 30, 2015

BD & Carrie's Wedding

This weekend Emily and I drove out to BD and Carrie’s wedding reception at Silver Falls.  They had a very small ceremony of just family and super close friends but opened up the campground to all their friends for a night of drinking, music, dancing, and camping overnight.  Emily and I always enjoy it when we have the occasion to spend time with all our Corvallis friends in one place.  The only Portland people that were at the reception were Ryan and Tim who have been long time friends with Brian.  

We spent the afternoon drinking great beer, playing washers that Colin had made for the new married couple and a very cool “big-sized” game involving pulling sticks out of a basket while trying not to let the balls above them fall down - no idea the name of it.  BD and Carrie had hired “Wild Hogs in the Woods” to play and they were amazing.  No surprise that Jen had a little too much to drink and passed out behind some bushes, and no surprise that after the band ended the party continued around a camp fire down by the stream late into the night.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the food was amazing.  On Sunday Em and I left a little early to go spend the afternoon with Chris and Paris as it would be the last time we might see them in Corvallis with them moving to Moscow, ID.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Grand Ronde River Trip

This Memorial Day Emily, Leo and I went on a great Grand Ronde River rafting trip with Jason and his dog Arby, Adam, Slaughter, Josh, Alina and their dog Baya.  This was a 45 mile river trip from Minam, OR to Troy, OR that we would take 4 leisurely days to raft.  We had three boats, Josh & Alina with Baya and Jason and Arby on an oar boat and Emily, Brian and I on a rental boat from PSU.  Despite a little rain at the start we had a great trip.  Read on…