Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sarah and Danny’s Wedding

Emily and I flew home for a week and a day for two East Coast weddings.  The first was Danny and Sarah in Connecticut and the second was Ashley and Matt on Martha’s Vineyard.  In between we had a very relaxing week with Emily’s family, our nieces, and even a long overdue visit with Kenny in Boston.  Read on…

Sarah and Danny’s wedding was at Bill Miller’s Castle, near North Branford, CT.  It was an amazing wooden structure that resembled a castle and was perfect for weddings with a large inside hall and beautiful backyard that had a paved walkway apparently built specifically for weddings.  After getting a nice nap in at the Riggotts we headed south to New Haven to check into the New Haven Hotel downtown.  We arrived at the same time as all of Emily’s soccer ladies and had just enough time to drop our stuff in the room and head to the Rehearsal at Bill Miller’s in Lynette’s car.  

The Rehearsal went very smoothly.  I felt a little out of place as all the other men with wives in the wedding also had children to take care of back at the hotel.  It was really great to have all of the girls at the wedding this time as none seemed to be pregnant this round.  After the rehearsal we all piled back into the cars and headed to Kelly’s in New Haven for the rehearsal dinner where we were fed like kings!  Prime rib slices, salmon, it was delicious!  

After the rehearsal dinner we did a bit of bar hopping led by one of the groomsmen who knew the area well.  From Kelly’s we headed to the Cask Republic where we all piled into a big table in the back and enjoyed some local brews, and then to Prime 16 to finish out the night where I was introduced to a brand new alcoholic root beer.  Yes, it is my favorite drink right now, maybe forever.

On Saturday I grabbed some lunch with Matt and John at Prime 16 again.  An amazing seared tuna burger.  John and Matt had to get back to the hotel but I decided to go for a walk and explore New Haven which I hadn’t really seen before.  I grabbed a vanilla coolada from Dunkin’ and headed across the the New Haven Green towards Yale University where I snuck into a tour for a little while. 

I very quickly became bored with the pace of the tour and some stuffy people on it so I ventured out on my own across the campus checking out all the amazing history and architecture of one of this nation’s greatest schools.  I was actively searching out the oldest building on campus and eventually found it.  Connecticut Hall, built in 1752, still standing in the “Old Campus” portion of Yale.  It looked very similar to the Hyde Hall at Bowdoin where I spent my freshman year.  Oregon sure doesn’t have this kind of history.  I’m sure my mind will be even more blown when I eventually get to explore the history of Europe!

After wandering back to the hotel to get dressed and then jumping on a rented school bus with Keith and Patti we were back at Bill Miller’s castle for the wedding.  There was some concern about the other bus with people after us being late but everyone made it and the ceremony was just slightly delayed.  It was a very nice and quick ceremony and Sarah looked absolutely stunning, as did my wife, who’s hair was done the best I’d ever seen it!  

After the ceremony I made sure to make my way out to where the photos were being taken to grab some candid ones of all the girls and the wedding party.  I didn’t have my nice DSLR but the iPhone worked just fine.  This was the end of an era, the last wedding of the soccer crew and I wanted to make sure I got some really good ones of all the girls together.  I definitely got some great shots and later that night the photographer got a fantastic picture we’ll have to get all of the girls with all their families as well. 

The wedding reception was great.  Wonderful food again and a lot of dancing which of course I hardly took part in (no rhythm white boy).  When the reception ended we all piled back on to the bus and headed back to Kelly’s in New Haven for the after party.  There was an amazing band playing but for the life of me I can’t remember their name.  They were mixing up popular songs with hip hop and rock and the guy on the guitar was amazing!  More drinks, more dancing then calling it a night.

On Sunday we joined everyone for breakfast at the hotel to say our goodbye’s then head back to Emily’s parents place.  It was definitely tough for Emily to say goodbye as we aren’t sure the next time we will see them all again!  Emily and I have secret goals to get all of them out to Oregon again for family rafting when the kids get older but hopefully we won’t have to wait that long before seeing them all again!

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