Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time with our Nieces

Between weddings Emily and I got to finally really spend some quality time with our new nieces.  We got to go with Sophie to her morning book reading, as well as a morning music class where all the children played with toys and sang various songs.  Sophie is still very much attached to Jen at all times but slowly she opened up to both Emily and I when we got to play with her at their house.  Read on…

Emily didn’t really have any plans for us Mon-Wed so we basically chilled out at her parent’s place and watched movies, read books, listened to a thunderstorm or two that missed and just relaxed.  We borrowed her parents bikes and took a ride out to Congamon Lake just across the Mass border and grabbed food at Red Riding Hood’s Cafe.  We also went out for ice cream to the Gran-Val Scoop and joined Nick, Jen and Sophie for some great BBQ one night at Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue.  It was nice to see Stacy and Jay as well over a wonderful sushi dinner at a local hot spot.  

Early Thursday morning Jen, Nick, Sophie, Patti, Emily and I all headed to Boston to meet up with Julia, Chris and Hadley.  It was amazing to see how big the girls are just since Christmas.  Hadley was even running around faster than Sophie!  We spent the early afternoon at the aquarium with the girls checking out all the fish and sea mammals.  Sophie stuck with Jen but I was absolutely delighted to have Hadley grab my hand and walk around with me throughout the aquarium and Emily and Patti really enjoyed her curiosity about the rays that she could touch in the water.  

When the girls got tired of the aquarium we headed to Faneuil Hall for some food.  I was able to track down some lobster meat and stupidly laid down $20 for just a few ounces… Lobster is crazy expensive on the west coast and I was ravenous for my favorite food!  10 years later and the prices around Boston still shock me.  We checked out a children’s toy store with the girls as well as a merry go-round where the girls seemed to love riding the animals that went up and down.  

We still had some time to kill before dinner so we wandered down the newish greenway above the “Big Dig” until we found an interactive fountain full of children cooling off on the hot day.  It was one of those fountains where the water would shoot up randomly from holes so we decided to stop and see if the girls would like it.  To my surprise Hadley wanted nothing to do with it but Sophie stepped up and braved her way in holding Nick’s hand.  After Nick gout dowsed with water it was my turn to head in with Sophie and also get soaked!  She seemed to really love it and we got some great photos and video of all the action.  

We had just enough time to dry off before our amazing dinner at Legal Seafoods Long Wharf.  Yes… this is the same place that I worked for almost a year in 2002-2003 and to my disbelief I actually saw a waiter still there that I remembered.  Even though it was with family and I assumed someone would try to pay for Emily and I, I ordered a big 2.5lb lobster for myself and snuck a large portion of the bill onto my card so I wouldn’t feel guilty afterwards!  It had been a decade since I’ve had Legal Seafood Lobster and it was definitely worth the large price tag!

After dinner we said goodbye to family and got picked up by Kenny in his flashy new convertible.  We had taken bets on what he would arrive in and that car seemed appropriate for Kenny, although maybe not for the harsh New England winter…  We headed to the Assembly bar in Quincy to grab drinks with Amy and Matt whom Emily hadn’t seen since our wedding either.  Once again John Hughes bailed on my attempt to connect with him.  I think I give up on trying.  Emily, on the other hand got to see nearly every one of her close friends on this trip!

It was great to catch up with Kenny who seems to be doing just fine for himself lately, managing several Subway restaurants in Boston and hoping to expand to more.  No lady in his life, but maybe that’s what the car is there to help him with :).  We chatted long into the night before he had to turn in for his work day in the morning and us catching a bus to Martha’s Vineyard.

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