Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hamilton Mountain

Today Tom, Banjo, and Eric joined us for a hike up Hamilton Mountain.  Tom had been on the hike before but not Eric so we thought it was a great place close by to check out and get some sunshine and exercise the dogs.  Read on…

We got a late start after noon but completed the 7.5 mile hike in just over 3 hours, walking at a good pace the entire way.  It wasn’t too hot out so Leo and Banjo had an easy time on the very well maintained trail.  Hardy Falls has much less water in this this time than when Em and I were here last and the streams seemed much lower.  Eric was impressed by the geology of the mountain as well as the views but kept his distance from the edges of the cliffs with his fear of heights.  

We picked berries along the way and gave the dogs plenty of time to sniff around and get drinks from all the springs.  At the end we drove to Stevenson to grab some food and beer at the Walking Man Brewery.  This time I was wise to avoid the bland pizza and instead got a really good pulled-pork sandwich.

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