Saturday, August 1, 2015

Floating the Sandy River

Today Emily and I decided to float the Sandy River from Oxbow Park to the Lewis and Clark State Park on the Columbia.  I guess the entire 7.5 mile float would take about 5 hours and with us getting to Oxbow at 2pm I new it would be cutting it close to float the river and then drive back to Oxbow to pick up the other Prius by the 8:40 sunset gate closure.  The water was super low and very slow.  We barely felt like we were moving at all!  It was a beautiful day though and we saw lots of wildlife including eagles, tons of ospreys fishing, a deer and plenty of ducks.  

When we passed Dabney Park at around 7 I new we still had about an hour and half left so I needed to speed things up.  This involved me pushing Emily along on the inflatable mattress she was riding, running my feet along the river bottom to keep us moving in the slow current, as well as kicking and breast-stroke kicking us along the way.  It was exhausting and I got very tired, and… very chaffed.  When we got to the takeout it was 8:25pm and I sprinted to get the Prius and raced down the road to Oxbow Park.  We got to the park at 8:50pm and thankfully, they let us in to get the car which also thankfully didn’t have a citation!  I think next time we’ll plan a full 8 hour day for this float to play it safe!

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