Saturday, October 17, 2015

Van Warmerdam Baby Shower & Anna/Nate Welcome Back Party

On Friday night Emily and I headed over to Jason and Lindsay's baby shower party.  We didn't know too many people and the party was at one of their friends houses.  The backyard had a cool fire pit, a portable outdoor bar and the biggest dam dog I'd seen in a long time.  There was even an arcade-style basketball shooting game that I embarrassed myself at playing against Conrad.  Fun times and it will be great to meet baby Van Warmerdam when he/she is ready for the world.

On Saturday night we headed over to Anna Li's for a party.  It was a welcome back slideshow/chicken naming party.  They had a great photo slide show up of their recent bike trip and a bunch of QSI employees showed up whom we hadn't seen since we left the office.  There was an absolutely beautiful sunset that night and the really fun night would have been much better topped off if the chicken had been named "Brian Slaughter" as most hoped it would be.  

There were some great names on the naming bracket like Kung Pow, Sam Peckinpaw, Nugget, and Marty McFly (because the day Marty came to the future had just passed).  I actually don't remember which was chosen but Anna definitely vetoed the winner and just chose her own anyway, despite Everett even choosing Brian Slaughter!  It was great to reconnect with everyone from QSI and let everyone know that what they were told happened by management couldn't have been farther from reality and the truth.  It was clear that we all had their support.

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