Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sauvie Island Ride and FZ1000 Testing

Today Emily and I rode our bikes out to Sauvie Island.  It was a rare beautiful weekend and I recently bought a new commuter bike, a Specialized AWOL Comp so I proper day of riding was definitely in order.  We had also picked up a new 1” sensor zoom camera with 4K video capabilities for Emily to use our on Africa trip, less than a month away.  Read on

We didn’t get started until about 1:30 in the afternoon so we knew we had limited time on the island.  I stuck my GoPro on the handlebar of the bike for the ride to test that functionality out as well.  The ride through St. Johns and over the bridge was beautiful and when we got to the island there wasn’t much traffic to worry about in the off-season.  Emily had some wardrobe pains on her bike but we kept going to look for some birds and Cascade Peaks to photo.  

We ended up getting some great shots of pumpkin fields, rustic trucks, farmland, and a few big red-tailed hawks.  It was crystal clear out so we also got some views of St. Helens, Rainier in the far distance, Adams and Mt. Hood.  We only biked halfway around the island before turning back to make it home by dark.  By the time we got to the St. Johns Bridge the sky was lighting up in beautiful reds and purples with the moon above us.  

A small group was also packing up what appeared to be a DJI drone they were flying around the bridge so I stopped to chat with them for a few minutes about my job and field of work which they found fascinating.  Emily got some really terrific shots of the sunset on Mt. Hood over the Willamette River from the bridge before we decided to keep going before it got too dark.  Biking home past PSU along the bluffs was beautiful and I ended the night by practicing some moon shots with both the 600mm lens and new camera.  What a beautiful fall day!

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