Sunday, November 22, 2015


Emily and I lost a friend this weekend.  Shiloh Sundstrom.  I’m writing this post months later catching up on my blog so there has been conclusion to this story.  Our friend was walking home very late at night after a football game at OSU.  He was struck by a vehicle which then drove away leaving him in a ditch.  Mercifully, he was killed on impact.  The driver later broke down on the side of the road from the impact.  He was coming home from drinks at the local Elks club.  His story was that he believed he hit an animal.  The next morning upon hearing someone had been killed he phoned the police and told them the story.  After a few months the case went to court and unfortunately, because of what happened and the man “waiting”.. yes I said waiting… 12 hours to call police there was not enough evidence to convict.  

So, this year our Thanksgiving began by watching his family bury him at his farm in Deadwood, OR surrounded by hundreds of his family and friends.  The outpouring of love that day was touching and the sheer volume of messages to his Facebook page proved that his caring and loving personality had touched hundreds more.  Not only was he a fellow Red Sox fan, he was one of the most loving people I’ve ever encountered and we will greatly miss him.  Thankfully, there are T-Shirts, Beer Mugs and a special Brew from SkyHigh Brewing, the Shiloh IPA, to keep this incident from fading from the minds of the locals in Corvallis.  We love you Shiloh, rest in peace brother.  

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