Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cynthia Visiting

My mom had been wanting to visit all fall but the only time we could work it out was the first week of December before we scrambled to get ready for Africa.  It was just a quick visit from Thursday to Tuesday and we didn't plan anything elaborate.  Picking her up from the airport we were surprised to see that she had actually taken my advice for once and went natural grey instead of dying her hair.... We almost missed her at the airport!

I was able to stay home from work on Friday to spend the day with her and on the weekend we drove up to the Pittock Mansion to check out the decorations.  Everything was a bit gawdy for our taste so we didn't stay long there.  Instead we headed down to OMSI to walk around the always changing exhibit halls.  I called from OMSI to arrange the pickup of my mom's Prius from the house on Monday while she was there and I was at work which ended up working fine to transport her car across the country.  She had made the decision to not leave NY after all and this was the final shovel of dirt burying the idea of her moving to the Portland area.  

We had a nice visit with her and went out for dinner several of the nights and even caught a Marvel movie with her.  The only thing she didn't join us doing was when we went to the Kenton Station to meet Tom, Andrea, Everett and Eric to watch the MLS championship and the Timbers absolutely Spank the Columbus Crew to win the Cup for the first time since joining the MLS several years ago.  

She was excited for us to go to Africa and we aren't sure when we will see her again, although she is expected to Travel with Ellie to come out and visit us in the late Spring-summer of next year.  

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