Friday, December 18, 2015

Flight to Tanzania

36 hours after leaving our house in Portland we arrived at the African Tulip in Arusha, Tanzania.  The trip involved a 2.5 hour drive to Seattle, and nearly 20 hours of flying time through Washington DC, Adis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Mombassa, Kenya, then an hour drive from the Kilimanjaro Airport to Arusha.  Read on.... 

We made great time on the drive to Seattle and thanks to reservations by Eric parking was easy and we made it in plenty of time to get some food at Anthony's Fish Bar.  Service was a little rough but it was the best Salmon Burger I've ever had.  The beer and shots of Makers we had weren't bad either.  But despite the whiskey, beer, and 3 sleeping pills I took I barely got a wink of sleep on the 4 hour flight to DC in a shitty United Airlines plane that was newly built with any and all comforts taken away in order to add several more rows to make more money off the flying cattle like us.

We met Emy in DC at the Bracket Room just past our gate 31.  We ordered some food which took forever to get to us so she decided to grab some grub elsewhere on our way back to the gate.  From DC we had a much more comfortable flight over the Atlantic to Ethiopia.  Although it was over 12 hours long there was decent media, comfier seats and I was able to nap just a little.   

At the very small Adis Ababa airport there were no concessions and the airport was definitely 3rd world.  It was a little confusing figuring out which flight out was headed to KJO but when we found ourselves surrounded by fellow white people with hiking backpacks we figured we were in the right line.

From Adis Abada it was another 3 hour flight through Mobassa, Kenya to KJO where we arrived at about 3pm.  It took about an hour to get through paying for the $100 visa and getting our fingerprints and photo taken at customs.  Thankfully, all of our gear arrived and we met our drive Raymond who had been waiting for us since 11am at the airport!  After another hour drive we finally arrived in Arusha at the African Tulip where we would spend the next two nights before our Kilimanjaro Climb.  

We were all exhausted from travel so we decided to just eat at the Baobab Restaurant within the hotel.  The service was great and so was the food.  We ate around 8pm and all of us had a hard time getting through dinner without falling asleep in our plates of food!  So good to finally be in Africa!

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