Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Phoenix Work Trip

I'm not going to go into too much details about this business trip because it involves clients I should not be talking about in a public blog.  But... I will say that it was an amazing trip.  We got to demo our UAS platforms for clients and got a lot of positive interests from some big industrial companies in the southwest from it.  

We also got to stay in an amazing rental house in Phoenix with a pool and hot tub in the amazing backyard.  We at at some amazing restaurants and one night Cardno even paid for a mobile chef to come to the house and cook us dinner.  I played photographer for the week and got a lot of good media captured of our demo that we later made into some marketing videos.  Layne did a great job in her presentations and everything seemed to go off without a hitch.  

I'm not sure how many chances we will have like this to travel as a group but it was a good experience and I hope we have more.  I thought that I was going to talk at one of the presentations but Layne instead covered it herself.  I was a little bummed and hope in the future that I can be used in a more client-facing position as I feed off the enthusiasm of clients for new remote sensing technology and I enjoy explaining complicated processing methods in an easier way to understand.  

I brought all my lenses, GoPros and new group Panasonic Camera which is the same one I bought for Emily for Africa.  It was a ton of weight to haul around and next trip I think I will just take the group camera and leave my DSLR and heavy lenses at home.  We seem to be doing a lot of work in the southwest thanks to Jason's contacts there so I assume I'll be headed back to Phoenix at some point soon.  Great trip and very excited about the future of our group!

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