Friday, January 15, 2016


Emily and I returned home from Africa to something very unpleasant... Rats.  Yup.  I vaguely remember possibly hearing some noises under us in the crawl space before we left but not having any time to do anything I put it in the back of my head.... Poor choice.  Rats and/or mice had eaten half our box of ramen noodle packages in the garage and had clearly chewed their way into our vent system on our lower floor.  After literally seeing little paws sticking up through the vent grades of our AC system in the floor I decided it was time to call pest control.

Turns out they entered our crawl space through a fist size hole left in one of the vent holes along the side of the house... The same one that the TV installer had ran cables through and not re-sealed... Grrrr.. Better get a good deal on a tv after that...  Well, we ended up catching two rats in traps and turns out the ramen was from mice.  $600 in exterminator costs and $1000 in air duct repair later our house is now sealed up like a fortress and all our air ducts have been replaced and vents cleaned... $800 per rat... Annoyed...

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