Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 2016

This year Emily and I once again hosted the SuperBowl.  Mike and Jess didn't make it down for the game and there wasn't much interest from anyone in the area because nobody we knew were actual fans of the Ravens or the Broncos, but it was the 50th Super Bowl so there had to be good commercials... And a good game of football is always worthy of a gathering.

The game also served as a great way to bring old QSI friends and our colleagues back together.  Baqar, Ryan, Brian, and Matt all came over as well as Jason, Lindsay, Nate, Anna, Josh, Misty, Conrad, Tom, Andrea and Eric so it was a good showing.  There were some decent commercials but the highlight was seeing everyone's favorite Patton Manning win the close game with a late touchdown that gave him the win for likely the final game of his career.  Ryan had made spicy pork soft tacos and there was lots of other good food and drinks.  Good times to end the pigskin season.

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