Sunday, March 27, 2016

5th Annual Bar Crawl & Easter 2016

Just days after our yard remodel was finished and our hot tub was installed and heated up Jen and Jason came up for an early Easter dinner/birthday dinner for Eric on Saturday night before we went out for the annual bar crawl.  It was a great weekend of friends, drinking, and enjoying for the first time our new backyard!  Read on…

On Friday night Tom and Eric came over to watch some March Madness Syracuse basketball and helped me put the shed back in place next to the house.  I then spent all Saturday morning cleaning up the yard, fixing the lighting around the house and cleaning out the garage which had been full of stuff for weeks.  It felt good to be well-organized again!  

By the time Jen and Jason showed up around 1pm we had the house clean and yard looking good.  The hot tub was also fully heated but still looking green for some reason.. .dye or copper in the hose water?  They showed up with the most amazing cake ever that Jen had made of two hands spreading open ass cheeks… ha!  What a perfect monstrosity for Eric to take a bite out of.  Emily cooked a big ham with some potatoes and sides and we were all sitting down to eat around 5pm.  We even had time for Jen to color some hard boiled eggs to make it a proper Zombie Jesus Day.  

The bar crawl was a hell of a blast.  We parked at Georges Corner Sports Bar in Killingsworth and walked to each bar from there.  Tons of people had come out for the crawl including Ryan, Arley, Katie, Baqar, etc from QSI.  Porter and a bunch of the Syracuse crew were out and Andrea and her sister were out for the night leaving Tom at home with Everett because he was at our place the night before.  Conrad showed up just before we moved on to the Lucky Labrador.  By this point in the night I was pretty lit from having drank at home so beyond the Lucky Labrador things got a bit foggy.  We did make it to Old Gold and then to the Barlow after that.  4 bars… pretty good for our crew.  Eric, with the help and urging of Baqar even made it out to the Barlow as well, where we bumped into Jack of all people!  

We took an Uber home which was a first for Jen who was fascinated by the whole experience.  When we got home Jen left a trail of clothes all the way out to the hot tub which we all stayed in far too long…. proven by the hangovers the next day and the number of times Jen puked in the morning.  On Sunday we took our time getting up and Jen and Jason found us in the hot tub when they came down, looking miserable…  It was a heck of a fun time and we can’t wait for Jen and Jason to come up and hangout with us again!

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