Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shore Acres

This weekend Emily was visiting family on the East Coast after one of her now monthly work trips to Atlanta.  I was invited by Jason to come down to Corvallis for the night and head to Shore Acres Park on Sunday just south of Coos Bay for a photoshoot of some enormous waves that would be hitting the coast from a storm system offshore.  Read on…

Leo and I packed up and drove down to Corvallis late afternoon.  We went to their place first and then drove over to meet up with Jen and her friends at Squirrels where I was super excited to get my beloved deviled eggs and a squirrel burger!  Yum!  That night we chilled out at their place chatting and catching up.  Chill night and didn’t see anybody else out, and Danielle and Scott bailed on coming out to see me… oh well.

On Sunday morning before leaving Colin stopped by with Ruby to say hi and eat some breakfast with us that Jen had whipped up.  I can always count on Colin coming by to give me a hug when I visit Corvallis!   We then took off on the nearly 3 hour drive down the coast towards Coos Bay.  The weather wasn’t too bad going over the coast range with just a few showers on our way out.  When we got to Shore Acres it was heavily overcast but the rain was thankfully holding back.  Unfortunately, no dogs were allowed out of cars so poor Leo had to stay in the Prius and wait for us! :(

We actually didn’t do much hiking at all around the park.  We walked down to the viewpoint where everybody else was with cameras and got out our gear.  I had brought the 4K GoPro, the 4K Panasonic, my iPhone for slow-mo, and the DSLR with my 16-80mm lens.  This was the perfect gear setup to capture the huge waves slamming into the rocks, except that I didn’t have much to protect the gear from the ocean spray from the waves!  This lead to me soaking both myself and an extra t-shirt trying to protect the cameras from the splash.  I wasn’t as worried about the Nikon DSLR as I was the non-weatherproofed FZ1000 that I took care to keep dry.  

The waves were huge!  When they crashed into the rocks they easily splashed 100 feet or more into the sky.  In the photos we were rapidly taking, the people standing beside the waves at a rocky outlook appears as tiny bugs against the waves behind them.  I easily took hundreds of photos there and even backtracked across the outlook to get some photos along the coast looking south but the wind was from the south and I was getting blasted by water so that didn’t last very long!

After taking several hundred rapid fire shots as large sets came through we walked over to the closer viewpoint for some up close shots and slow-mo iPhone fun.  Apparently, the guy that let Jason know about the place and who shoots there all the time was also there with a tripod.  There was also a guy sitting dangerously far out on the rocks with what looked to be an expensive camera.  We watched him get pounded over and over again and Jason later heard that one of the big waves we captured in slow-mo actually destroyed the guys camera!

It was a great day watching up-close the sheer power of the Pacific Ocean and was definitely worth the long drive to get there.  We were tempted to stay for the sunset but it was getting chilly out so we decided to head home, stopping at the High Tide Cafe in Cape Arago for some drinks and chowda.  There was a really nice woman sitting nearby who was super chatty about how everyone was so nice in town having just moved up from farther south.  When she left we were pleasantly surprised to find out she had bought our first round of drinks for us!  Love Oregon!  From there it was back to Corvallis and then back to Portland for me, filling up the Prius for Emily on the way back.

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