Saturday, April 2, 2016

Meadows this Spring

This year Emily and I were able to get 4 weekends in at Meadows Ski Resort.  First with Ian where I got stuck in a tree well taking a safety break in the woods with him.  Then a couple times by ourselves where I relived my youth hitting the terrain park with a bunch of mute 360's and the half pipe where I can still boost out above the rim, although all of this was much less graceful than it was five years ago.

Our most recent day was with Eric when we met up with Porter and some others after only about 3 runs on very wet, sticky snow for a bbq in one of the parking lots.  It was a short day skiing but a good time meeting good people at the BBQ, one of which, Peter, is a guide on Denali and had some good beta for me.  A great connection.  Not much skiing for us this year with Africa in the middle but at least the mountains got more snow this year than the last 2 combined!  

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