Sunday, June 26, 2016

North Santiam Rafting with Alder

It had been forever since we had seen our Corvallis friends so this weekend we drove down to Corvallis to hang out.  Scott and Colin were in Florida for Riegl training and visiting Kevin and Alexa but Danielle invited the whole gang over to her place on Friday night were Emily and I crashed in the spare bedroom off the garage.  Fausti, Pete, Tim, Mischa, Cathy, Carrie, BD, Jason and Jen all came over to say hi and catch up.  It was the first time I'd seen Fausti since we left QSI a year ago.  No hard feelings at all between us.  

It wasn't a late night and Danielle had to travel on Saturday so Jen, Jason, Emily and I headed out rafting with their new adorable puppy Alder along with Leo on the North Santiam.  Jason had borrowed a life preserver for Alder and he looked adorable in it.  Leo of course was now well used to rafting with us.  I guided the raft down the very easy section of the river from Mill City to Mahema.  It was a super easy float and we stopped at a gravel bar for lunch and snacks with the dogs.  That night we grilled up some food at their place and hung out before heading back to Danielle's for the night.  On Sunday we headed back to Portland.  

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