Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coast with Eric and Spaul Family

With McNeill leaving shortly for the East Coast and then New Zealand for a while and the convenience of being out of work we all decided to head to the coast for the day, despite the bad weather.  We loaded up in two cars because we had both dogs with us as well and headed out to Oswald West State Park. Read on..

I brought my Mavic Pro drone with me but decided to leave it in the car at the park as the weather was looking pretty crappy.  It was the right choice as it began to pour buckets of rain on us when we reached the beach.  Leo and Banjo of course didn’t mind but it was soaking the rest of us.  Despite the rain we walked down the beach so Eric could enjoy the coast one last time before leaving it for a while.  In the distance we could see what looked like a rotted old couch or giant folded carpet washed up on the beach.  Nope!  It was a whale and the smell hit us like a truck when we got close to it.  

Thankfully, Tom was able to grab Banjo before he could roll in the whale.  I didn’t have to worry about Leo as he clearly didn’t like the smell and wanted nothing to do with it.  We came across the massive skull of the whale and tried to get Leo to stand on it for a photo but he wanted nothing of it.  It was definitely pretty cool to see and after a quick Google search Tom found that it had washed up months early at a northern beach and storms and the tide had moved it south to it’s current rotting spot at Oswald West.  

The rain had really begun to pick up so we quickly made our way back down the beach towards the shelter of the trees and the trail back to the car.  Eric paused to take one more long look at the ocean before heading back with us.  It almost seemed like he had no plans to return.  Hopefully, that’s not the case.  Back at the cars we dried off the dogs as best we could and headed north again to Canon Beach for some lunch at the Ecola Seafood Market where I got smoked Oysters, a Bay Shrimp Cocktail and Clam Chowder!  Expensive, but yum!!

Since we were at Canon Beach and the weather looked to be breaking up a bit I grabbed my Mavic and we headed down to the Beach.  This was my first flight with it and I had to do a lengthy software update for it before flying which was annoying.  I left the plastic bubble on over the camera for protection and lifted off to get some shots of us from the air.  There was a big Eagle that had flown onto the beach to the North and looked to be hunting gulls so I kept a sharp eye on it’s location while flying.  

I also got to test out the new Portrait feature of my iPhone 7 Plus.  It worked fantastic and I got some great “fake” depth of field shots of everyone including the dogs along the scenic beach.  Banjo and Leo are really good friends it seems.  We walked about the beach for a while before heading back into the town to stop at the candy shop there.  

I ended up buying about $15 worth of candy including the hard to find “chuckles” candy I love  Half of it was gone before we even got home! Hehe.

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