Friday, October 7, 2016

Goodbye Cardno

Well, that was quick.  After just over a year with Cardno and through a useless lawsuit against us (see previous post) Cardno was shutting us down.  Layne gave us a heads up something was coming and it was pretty rough for all of us knowing that all of our efforts were for nothing.  I had literally just organized all of our gear and was finalizing acquisition and project planning protocols for us.  Oh well.  When they came the current head of America's at the time did say that it was a failure at the upper management level and not any fault of ours but that didn't make it any easier.  
It was hard to believe that just a week after the Cardno sponsored open house of our new office they were letting us go.  Layne was told that night she needed to fire two of us which left us pretty upset over the weekend.  In hind sight I wish she had never told us that.  After the open house with our doom in sight we snapped some photos of all of us (minus Rob who was in the field unfortunately) from the rooftop of the Waterman building, our home for just a short time.  We 

For months I had fought to better market us with a website, mandatory webinars for the company, etc, and Layne and Doug had done their best on bids despite the 3x multiplier we were forced to use.  We heard rumors that Cardno wasn't doing well in the America's and after the CEO and other key management names left the writing was on the wall and we were an expensive number on the books so it made sense to let us go.  Anyone who was around when Cardno had a 3 year plan for our team was gone and we had next to no management support.  

Since our departure many more have left and I'm not sure how long the company will be in operating in the country.   I will forever be in debt to Cardno for supporting us financially and emotionally through the lawsuit but I will also always be disappointed about how a major infrastructure company like that could fail to use a group of our diverse geospatial talents... What a ride it was....

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