Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween 2016

Once again this year Danielle and Scott hosted a Halloween party in Corvallis and as usual the decorations, costumes, and food were fantastic!  We were super excited to visit Alder again whom we hadn’t seen in a very long time since he was a puppy over the summer.  We ended up staying with Jen and Jason this year instead of Danielle and Scott’s as we didn’t want to add any stress for them and they have a new pup named Fawn who is a bit skittish.  Read on.
Emily had the great idea for both of us to dress up like ghosts of Halloween past!  I’ve been in Oregon for a decade now and Emily has been here for 8 years so we have plenty of photos throughout the years of various Halloween parties, all in Corvallis.  We took Friday night to sort through all the imagery and picked out about 60 photos that we really liked, put them on a thumb drive and Emily took them Sat morning to get printed.  She also picked up cheese cloth for us to wear over our black thermal underwear we use for hiking.  Add some makeup and we were good to go!  

Before heading over to the party we popped in to say hi to Jen at her job at Animal Crackers, Jim Dagata’s pet store.  She was super excited to see us and Leo and gave Leo a few treats before we left and headed over to hang out with Jason for a bit.  Alder was super bouncy and wanted to play but grumpy Leo wouldn't have any of it.  

So, Alder decided the best move was to just sit on Leo!  ha!  This wasn’t unique shot, Alder seriously loved to circle around and then plop himself on top of Leo over and over again.  Hilarious!  They had another Halloween party to go to so Em and I headed over to Woodstock’s for some pizza and a beer at Suds & Suds in the back.  

When we made it to Danielle’s the party was underway and Jen and Jason had actually beaten us there as well.  There were a bunch of friends of Danielle whom I hadn’t met yet but the usual people were also there like Mousa, Colin, BD, Tim, Lindsay, Pete, Fausti, Mischa, etc.  I finally got a chance to really meet Brett Murphy and get to know him.  We’d both heard a lot about each other but hadn’t really formally met.  Great guy.  To my complete surprise I found out that the amazing Ashley Daigle was currently dating a Mr. Mischa Hey!  If that can happen, maybe even the Cubs can win the World Series!  

It was a really fun party and there was plenty to eat and drink including the dry ice punch that pretty much destroyed Jason the year before.  This year he was clearly taking it much easier!  To everyone’s delight, Doug stopped by as well in a full blown dress, heels, and wig.  He was hilarious and was obviously happy to get a pass from Amanda to head out for the night.  Tim and Lindsay were their pets, Pete and Fausti were Game of Thrones, Jen was a vampire, Jason was Life that got thrown Lemons, and Colin was, well.. Colin.  

It was 2am when we all packed into the car to head back to Jason and Jens.  We were only a block away when we got a call from Danielle asking if we could bring Bethan home, much to the relief of Colin I bet.. hehe.  She’s a very nice girl but loves to party and doesn’t do a very good job of concealing her attraction to Mr. Cooper.  We were happy to turn around and give her a lift home.  Emily had spent much of the night dancing and drinking and looked pretty lit by the time we left.  The next morning would be a rough one for her for sure!

On Sunday we basically just hung out for the morning at Jen and Jason’s.  After cleaning up Scott and Danielle also came over to watch football and eat some brunch that Jen and Jason whipped up.  Jen had also made an incredible cupcake creation for Danielle for her birthday.  It looked amazing and I enjoyed an extra cupcake she didn’t need for it before Em and I headed home with Leo.  Another great Halloween Party Danielle, well done!

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