Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This year Emily and I decided to host Thanksgiving.  We had a new backyard and hot tub and nobody had made any secure plans yet so we invited the usual crew up to Portland to spend the  day with us.  Everyone arrived on Wednesday evening, bottles of booze in hand to start the festivities.  We didn’t have dinner plans so we just ordered some Thai food and snacked on what was around.  We had a full house of dogs for sure!  Jason and Jen brought Alder, Scott and Danielle brought Fawn (they got Fawn after Arrow passed away this fall), Pos and Oliver, and we had Leo.  

On Thursday we spent the day watching football and cooking.  Jason was on top of the turkey which Emily and I had brined overnight a day earlier and the ladies worked on all the sides.  Danielle’s friend Katie Enright joined us for dinner and after a night of drinking and hot tub she decided to stay for the night as well.  She brought her dog Hudson with her which meant that we had a total of 6 dogs for 7 people in the house.  Some may think that is crazy but Em and I absolutely love our fuzzy friends and were happy to have them all.  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and of course had a ton of leftovers!  All the dogs got their fair share of treats and we had a great time relaxing in the hot tub for probably longer than we should have given all we were drinking!  Jen also showed us a really fun guessing game to play (I forget what it is called).  We ended up playing it late into the night.  

Jen and Jason had to drive home very early on Friday morning as Jen had to work at Animal Crackers in the morning.  Scott, Danielle and Katie stayed for the morning to eat some leftovers and watch football before heading home late in the morning.  Katie was a lot of fun to have over for the holiday and her dog Hudson was a blast as well.  And to top off a great holiday the Beavers beat the Ducks on Saturday during the Civil War game which was the first time since 2007 for them to pull it off.  Go Beavers!!!

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