Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ski Bowl Powder Day

Emily and I had our first day out for the resort ski season.  I had done some backcountry skiing with Ian earlier in the week but this was our first resort day.  We nearly didn’t get up to go but after some decision making we opted to drag ourselves out of our warm bed, leave Leo at home and make the drive up to Hood in the truck to check it out.  We were certainly glad we did as it turned out to be the best powder day for us in probably 3 years of crappy winters.  
By the time we arrived at the mountain it was dumping snow and upper bowl was pretty much wide open and mostly untracked.  Right off the lift I skied over to the biggest drop at the top of the mountain and even after a couple of hours being open there wasn’t any tracks off it.  Emily skied down below as a look out and I jumped off the probably 15-20’ drop to the powder below.  Not a bad way to start the 2017 ski season!  The rest of the day we enjoyed exploring all over Upper Bowl and I enjoyed following kids half my age off big powder drops below the upper bowl lift.  It amazes me that these fun drops aren’t tracked out sooner in the day.  I also got to explore a new app on my phone called “Slopes” which tracked our runs.  I put the phone in airplane mode and ran the app which tracked us perfectly and used very little power allowing me to jam tunes all afternoon and have a great day skiing.  

We grabbed sausages and beer in the Upper Bowl warming hut and got a few more runs in before Emily tuckered out and headed back to the truck.  I got a couple more runs in until my legs were jelly and also called it a day.  Wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth as we didn’t buy season passes this year.  Some fun facts from the app for the day: 18 runs, 10mi in distance, 12,163 vertical feet skied and burned 692 calories.  Top speed was 45.7mph with a total time skiing of 1hr 22min.  The app also syncs with Apple Health which is pretty cool.  Great day skiing and can’t wait for more powder days!

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