Monday, January 16, 2017

Oak Island with Leo

Having felt incredibly guilty for not bringing Leo up to Mt. Hood on Saturday we made it a priority to get him out into the snow on Sunday, heading out to the Oak Island Trails on nearby Sauvie Island.  I grabbed my tele lens and Mavic to get some shots of the wildlife as well as the island covered in snow to practice flying.  Read on.

We encountered a blocked gate before getting all the way to the trailhead which meant walking an extra mile or so through the snow.  This was fine as the trail itself was also covered so it didn’t make a big difference.  It was certainly fun driving the snowy dirt road to get out there with the truck.  

As we started our hike we could hear a ton of birds in the distance where they rested on the many big lakes and fields of the island.  There were fluffy robins all around us as who uncharacteristically posed for very close photos as we walked by them.  We even saw a coyote run across the trail ahead of us!

When we got out to some open fields out of the woods I kicked out a launch area for the Mavic and took off for some long distance flights over the snowy island.  We saw eagles and hawks sitting in the trees so I flew at a pretty high altitude to avoid bothering them.  Leo was having a blast running around in the snow.  

Emily had to take a work phone call so I had plenty of time to fly around and take some fun orbiting shots of us without feeling rushed.  Unfortunately, her phone call also meant that we needed to turn around and get back to the house so she could send some info to a colleague.  

On the way out we saw a big juvenile bald eagle, a red-tail hawk, a deer just off the trail, and a whole family of plump California quail in some trailside bushes.  We also had some great views of Mt. St. Helens and a very snowy Mt. Hood in the far distance.  It was a great day to be outside in the cold, crisp sunshine.  Leo had a great time as well!

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